Joy Black is a practitioner of Medical Qigong, Healing Touch, and Chi Nei Tsang – and a Reiki Master. Some of her best moments in life are spent working together with patients and students to release negative, sick energies and emotional buildup from their bodies, minds and spirits; rebuild strength in their organs and body systems; and rediscover a healthy balance of mind and body.

Please contact Joy to discuss these therapies or to make an appointment: 804-971- 7135.

Types of Therapy:

  • Chi Nei Tsang (chee-nay- sahng) – means “energy of inner organs” and is a blend of energy work, acupressure on meridian points, and abdominal massage to release emotional buildup in internal organs and open energy stagnation and blocks.
  • Guided Meditation – if you have tried meditation and found it challenging you may love to be guided as you slip deeper and deeper into total relaxation of mind, body and spirit.
  • Healing Tao – a system of ancient qigong self-care practices brought to the western world by Qigong Master Mantak Chia, including the Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds, among many others.
  •  Healing Touch – non-invasive, light touch to influence the energy field that surrounds the body and the energy  centers that control the flow from the field to the physical body.
  • Medical Qigong – a powerful, energetic health care protocol for releasing stress and emotional buildup, restoring energy flow, establishing healing, mind-body connections, and rebuilding organ strength – traditional Chinese medicine without acupuncture or herbs.
  • Reiki (ray-key) – is similar to Healing Touch in some ways, and I usually blend the two protocols. Both are pure energy work in which the practitioner is a vessel or channel through which the powerful healing energy of unconditional love can flow.

Forms to fill in before your appointment:



“I have known Joy for more than 10 years. As she has set up her practice, I have received Healing Touch and Chi Nei Tsang treatments from her. Much of my “healing” is related to physical pain resulting from an accident. During the Healing Touch and Chi Nei Tsang sessions, I am completely pain free. After the sessions, I find that my pain is much improved; my muscles are letting go of the injury and being restored to a healthier version. In addition to physical changes, I find that my body seems to be letting go of some grief and trauma associated with this accident and other events in my life. What I absolutely love about Joy is her peaceful nature and her complete emersion in my needs. This healing through Healing Touch and Chi Nei Tsang is a drug free way to achieve peace and freedom from pain and grief. It is wonderful!”

— Susan B


“Joy’s name is apropos – she emanates a calm joy. Her space is beautiful and soothing. I’ve only known Joy for a few months, but I was comfortable around her from our first session together. Joy kindled my great appreciation for the amazing, tireless, unseen vital organs. Every session leaves me feeling relaxed, peaceful, and steady with renewed focus to be in my body.”

— Susan Proffitt


“I have taken several of Joy’s classes and both enjoyed and felt benefited by all of them, so definitely look forward to taking more. Joy has a wealth of information that is quite interesting, and knows a variety of modalities that she conveys easily and clearly. She is a natural teacher with a very positive upbeat and light energy that is very comfortable to experience. Her supportive, accepting style as well as the methods taught feel very healing and deeply relaxing. In the Primordial QiGong class, I definitely benefited from Joy’s deep patience and investment in teaching the form. An opportunity was even provided afterward for our class to get together at a park on a pretty day to practice and that was nice too.”

— Angela B., Chesterfield