Mind-Body Connection

Mind-Body Connection

The body responds to what the mind thinks – positive or negative. It is a simple fact about the way we are made, and a large part of what keeps us healthy or makes us sick. When we understand this, we can learn ways to use our mind-body connection for self-care and healing. One of the first things to learn is how to release harmful, negative energy and replace it with healing, positive energy. Releasing negativity is critical daily self-care – just like brushing our teeth or washing our face – it is that important. Our jobs, relationships, finances, health – life itself – can overwhelm us at times. Some of us have suffered major trauma. Some cope with chronic illness. Whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, these experiences and events affect us. Sometimes, we release our stress and pain and move on; other times, we hold part, or even all of it inside. For years. Once held in the body it robs energy from our joy, our courage, and our very life force. If we do not release these pent-up stresses, we ultimately experience dis-ease.

The Qigong self-care practices that I teach can help you begin to release the negative energies you may have been holding in your body. You can then fill your life with more positive energies. If your strength feels too depleted to do this for yourself, I can work with your energies through one of the Qigong therapies until you are strong enough to do this for yourself. Amazing releases and healing can be had by working with your mind-body connection, and letting go of what you are holding that you no longer need.

Qigong healing practices are so simple, yet so powerful. We use just what we are born with – our hands, smile, breath, mind-body connection, our voice, intention, imagination, and movement. We are designed to be able to heal ourselves through these simple aspects of our own being. Sometimes, we need a little help getting started – that is what I am here for – to teach, nurture, guide and support. I would love to help you discover the healing power of your own mind-body connection.

Joy Black


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