Primordial Qigong Movement Form – 5 Sundays, Nov. 4-Dec. 2

Primordial Qigong Movement Form – 5 Sundays, Nov. 4-Dec. 2

The Primordial Qigong movement form is a joyful, slow-moving form that gathers powerful energies from the earth, the heavens and the four directions. Its loose, free-flowing movements encompass the boundless Wuji, the eight-sided Bagua, and the duality of Yin and Yang. This is an easy form to learn. It will enhance your breathing, stamina, overall flexibility and energetic balance. Register for this class and enjoy the benefits of Primordial Qigong movement for the rest of your life – on the beach, at the mountains, or in your own backyard.

Date/Time: 5 Sundays, November 4-December 2, 3:00-4:30 pm (Rain date: Dec. 9)

Location: Meet under the trees beside the Carillon Bell Tower in Byrd Park, next to Rugby Road, Richmond.

Price: $80 includes handouts + 7.5 total class hours

Register & Pay* in Advance by Noon, October 26th: call Joy at 804-971-7135 / email:

*Can give your credit card # over the phone or mail your check (please call/text for the address). Thank you!


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