Joy’s Calendar

Please contact Joy if you would like to attend a class or discuss working one-on-one with her: 804-971-7135.

Complete List of Classes Offered Throughout the Year:

  • Awakening the Soul – a Seated Qigong Movement Form about Unconditional Love and Heart Energy.
  • Chi Self-Massage – learn a self-massage technique that will detoxify internal organs and glands, relieve stress and constipation, and aid sleep.
  • Grounding and Sharing Energy with Trees – develop a relationship with trees to open your energy and help cultivate calm, awareness and vitality.
  • Individual Private Instruction – choose from these options to meet your needs:
    • Students can work privately with Joy to receive instruction in any class topic or class series (learn from scratch or refine existing knowledge and practice).
    • Patients can meet privately with Joy to receive guidance and Qigong prescriptions that focus on a specific healthcare concern. (This is not Medical Qigong or Energy Work therapy on the massage table.
  •  Inner Smile Meditation and Microcosmic Orbit – focus gratitude and joy on internal organs to resolve tensions that can lead to illness; circulate your internal Chi to maintain internal strength and balance.
  • Introduction to Qigong – Why Learn Qigong? – an overview of Qigong that is information and experiential.
  • Primordial Qigong Movement Form – a joyful, slow-moving form that gathers powerful energies from the earth, the heavens and the four directions.
  • Qigong for Computer Users – learn several simple practices to counteract sitting at the computer; move your lymph and relieve your stiff, aching back, shoulders and neck.
  • Qigong Movement and Meditation – Guided Mind-Body Work – learn several self-care practices for grounding, clearing negative energy, enhancing positive energy, and creating balance.
  • Qigong Self-Care for Seasonal Changes – learn how to flow naturally through seasonal changes by adapting your diet, activities, sleep and outlook to nature.
  • Qigong Tips for a Relaxing Holiday – learn several simple ways to calm holiday stress and anxiety with Qigong.
  • Six Healing Sounds – a Vibrational Practice to Aid Sleep and Release Excess Heat from Vital Organs – release internal heat and excess emotions from the organs to balance body temperature, aid sleep, and prevent illness.
  • Tao Yin Floor Qigong – use your breath and gentle, guided movements while lying on the floor to focus your body’s internal alchemy on developing flexibility and strength in the whole spine and the Psoas muscles within the lower back.


“When I first saw Joy Black, she walked into the room and the surrounding energy seemed to quicken and lift. All I knew was I wanted some of what she had! And that, in my opinion, is the finest form of advertising, powerfully affecting those in your presence without even uttering a word.

I began Joy’s Qigong classes at The Acupuncture Clinic of Richmond soon after. One of the most vital lessons I have learned is to develop an understanding of the miraculous functioning of my organs and body systems that I have long taken for granted. Joy has facilitated a loving reunion with my own body, to see those hidden parts of myself as supporting me, not separate entities standing ready to betray me. Because of Joy’s instruction, my self-love and appreciation is growing every day, and that is a phenomenal gift to give.

I truly believe Joy is a pure channel for healing energy. Her sensitivity and attunement lead her to help others in the most fearless and tender ways. I highly recommend her Qigong classes as they are restorative, transformative and energizing.”

— Elizabeth M. Steele