Autumn – Time to Release & Relax

Autumn – Time to Release & Relax

If you are like I am, you were pretty busy this summer. You may be feeling as if you’d like to let go of some of the fast-paced activities and extra “stuff” in your life right about now. The days are getting shorter, and while temps in our area are still hot, they will soon begin to cool. These natural changes in the seasons can make us feel like slowing down earlier in the day as the light starts to wane. You may want to take an afternoon nap or sleep in a bit when you can. Allow yourself to do it. It feels good to clear clutter from the busyness of our summer.- piles of books, papers, clothes, and more that we didn’t quite get to because something else captured our attention momentarily. Clear your clutter and let things go.

The natural world is releasing and slowing too. Many trees will soon let go of their leaves. Wild animals sense the weather changes to come and they begin to prepare for the stillness of winter, which is a few short months away. Your body, mind, and spirit will start to crave open, clear spaces, open unscheduled time, warm, cooked foods, and the relaxation that comes from those things. Do your best to slow down and follow your natural instincts. Listen to what your body tells you it wants and needs, and give yourself those things whenever you can. Make some changes so you can release and relax even more.

There are many Qigong practices to help you release and relax. This is the time of year to give extra support to your lungs and colon. You may want to take the September 23rd class, Improve Sleep & Digestion with Qigong, or the September 30th class, Introduction to Qigong, to learn some of these Qigong self-care practices. I would love to see you in class!

Make this autumn your time to release and relax.


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